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About Us

David Riggi is a distinguished Bankruptcy Associate Attorney with a comprehensive legal background, starting from his pivotal role as a Clerk at the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court from 1986 to 1988. Following this foundational experience, David served as a U.S. Attorney at the United States Bankruptcy Court from 1988 to 1991, where he honed his expertise in bankruptcy law. He then advanced his career at Hale Lane, now known as Holland & Hart, LLP, from 1991 to 1992, further establishing his prowess in the legal field.

David’s academic credentials are equally impressive, holding a Juris Doctor from West Virginia University College of Law (1986), complemented by a Master of Science (1981) and a Bachelor of Arts from West Virginia University. His education laid the groundwork for his specialization in bankruptcy law, a field in which he has achieved notable success.

David has made significant contributions to the legal community through his involvement in landmark cases such as In re Martella, In re Garcia, and In re Espinoza, all involving the confirmation of Chapter 11 reorganization plans. These cases exemplify his skill in navigating complex bankruptcy proceedings and his commitment to achieving favorable client outcomes.

An active member of the legal community, David is involved in several associations, including the State Bar of Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Section as a Mediator since 2015, the Bankruptcy Law Community on Google+ since 2014, and the Southern Nevada Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys since 1991. His contributions to these organizations demonstrate his dedication to advancing bankruptcy law and mediation.

David is bilingual, speaking both Italian and English, which allows him to serve a broader client base and engage with international legal matters. His linguistic skills enhance his versatility as a legal professional.

Throughout his career, David has received numerous honors and awards, including the prestigious Distinguished and Preeminent 5.0 out of 5 ratings from Martindale-Hubbell and being named a Top 10 Bankruptcy Attorney by the American Institute of Bankruptcy Attorneys in 2014. These accolades reflect his exceptional legal understanding and dedication to client service.

David’s contributions to legal scholarship include publications in The Bankruptcy Strategist, where he has shared his insights on various topics, from the battle of bankruptcy superpriorities to the impact of amended bankruptcy rules on the industry. These publications highlight his thought leadership and expertise in bankruptcy law.

With a career marked by significant legal achievements, community involvement, and scholarly contributions, David Riggi stands out as a leading figure in bankruptcy law.


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